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"And his dancers are lovely. Tamisha Guy continues to astonish with her startling ability to marry a sense of power and serenity; she commands the stage most elegantly, with movement that melts off her limbs."

Gia Kourlas 

| New York Times Review 2018: Joyce Theater Premiere |

"Tamisha Guy is a jumble of contradictions in the best possible sense: She marries ease and strength, regality and earthliness, balletic lift and sultry swagger. In Kyle Abraham's The Gettin', which Abraham.In.Motion toured last season (her first with the company), the former Graham dancer brought seamlessness to his whipping, twisting movement tornadoes, but never lost the importance of the punctuation, be it a narrative gesture or slicing arabesque. It can be hard for some dancers to bring clarity to Abraham's filled-to-the-brim movement phrases. But when Guy takes the stage, you're in for a smooth, wild ride." 

Kristin Schwalb

| Dance Magazine, 25 To Watch |

“Is it the antidote? Mr. Abraham’s chock-full phrases — most lucid as interpreted by him and the sublime Tamisha Guy — unfurl like firing synapses.”

Siobhan Burke

| The New York Times 2014 |

Princess Grace Award Recipient


"No one provides that emotional content quite as well as dancer Tamisha Guy. Her lean, articulate technique is a joy to watch, but her sense of dignity and quiet force of personality are almost profound. Her duet with Jae Neal offers the most interesting choreography in the piece, but it’s their chemistry—particularly her watchful waiting and sense of quiet power, a counterpoint to his swaggering uncertainty—that gives it life."

Amanda Abrams

"Tamisha Guy has always loved pushing her body. The dynamic A.I.M dancer and rehearsal director performs like she has no limits. And she's recently taken up a sport that pushes her even further: boxing."

Jennifer Stahl

| Dance Magazine Health & Body 2018 |